As of the time of writing this tape dispenser was the most popular desgin on PhysibleExchange

With the recent furor about Thingverse and their terms of service, a new site has launched allowing members to upload designs without giving away all their rights to Thingiverse’s parent company Makerbot.

Lets call it

Designs on are ranked by upvoting and downvoting much like Reddit.

There appear to be two pages of models there – and too be honest, they seem higher quality than many of the ones on Thingiverse (this is very subjective of course)

Terms of Service?

When asked about the terms of service, the owner of the site replied:

As you sign up for an account, there’s a link to the TOS. I will have to make it more prominent, sorry.

Note that the TOS is sort of a work in progress. We want to give the community what they need: a place to share their physibles safely. We will never claim to own your designs. And we will always attribute ownership to you. We need the TOS to give us the rights to show your physibles on the site, but you will still own them and can take them with you whenever you want. Eventually the TOS will say this clearly, but I am not a lawyer so, as I said, it’s a work in progress.

It’s meant to replace Thingiverse but it’s also meant to work differently. You don’t see organization because it’s early in development. We have those features and many more in the works.

Ultimately we want to provide a place where you can share your physibles as openly as you want without worry that the site will try to claim ownership of your designs, etc.

The site is definitely a work in progress but if the popularity is there and the devs stay on top of it, this could become a realistic replacement for those who dislike the Thingiverse terms of service.

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