Wow, this is the next step for 3D Printing.

The ability for anyone to go into a retail shop and purchase a 3D Printer.

Makerbot announced their new store a few days ago. It is situated in New York and has opening hours similiar to a normal shop.

From their article:

Visitors will have the unprecedented opportunity to experience the MakerBot Replicator 2 Desktop 3D Printer, live and in-person. Stop in to watch MakerBots at work, learn about 3D design and 3D printing, and leave with an authentic MakerBot-made gift for you or someone you think is cool enough to have it.

It will be easy to get more help

To me the most exciting thing about a retial store is it will be easy for the public to get help with their 3D Printing.

Unfortunately 3D Printing is still at ‘enthusiastic amateur’ stage. While there is a lot of information on the web about 3D Printing, there seems to be a lack a readily available content telling you how to fix problems with your printer or your prints. Of course there are many wikis and IRCs, but still, being able to go into a shop and talk directly to someone about your printer is a real plus to the industry.

I’m not the only one excited though!

The new store has been featured in many publications – some almost as good as!

Well done Makerbot

So yeah, well done Makerbot for taking the next step in the industry.

I hope this retail shop is the first of many throughout the world.



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5 Responses to First Ever 3D Printing Retail Store Launched

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  2. Kevin says:

    Man this is pretty cool.
    It’s weird to think in 10-15 years we will probably have this technology in all of our homes. Maybe even sooner .

    • Andy says:

      I have a 3D Printer on my desk right now. It only prints in single colour plastic, but in 10 years I suspect we’ll be printing electronics.

  3. Josh P says:

    The design of your website is terrible, it looks as bad as an apple designed website. please stop with the retarded fonts, silly blue links and plain background, it makes you look cheap.

    • Andy says:

      I prefer websites that are simple and to the point with the articles doing the talking.

      I have taken your feedback under advisement and will consider it when the next redesign is due.

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