There have been a few articles lately about some dude who 3D Printed a gun. A lot has been written and I had a huge opus I was going to post.

But it all comes down to this one simple meme, regardless if you have 3D Printed, machined or made a gun out of wood:

If you have an unregistered firearm in your possesion and the cops find out you're gonna have a bad time


And that’s all I have to say about that.

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6 Responses to My thoughts on 3D Printed Firearms

  1. Jeff says:

    In my state you only have to have ffl firearms registered, none of my firearms are registered its not part of the process in this state. The ATF even states that you are allowed to machine your own firearms as long as it is not an FFL firearm. The police may hassle you but you will win.

    As some one who truly knows nothing about firearms maybe you should study up, not many states require mandatory firearm registration.

    The majority of the public believes firearms have to be registered, the do not, unless you live in a communist state.

    • Andy says:

      I understand this is a issue that creates some passion.

      This blog is an Australian blog for Australian audiences. Gun laws in Oz are very very different to the laws in the USA.

      In Australia, having an unregistered firearm may be an offence. My source was several serving cops in Australia.

  2. Jeff says:

    those are the firearms that have to be registered by law, enjoy the truth.

    • Andy says:

      Note that this is a USA site not an Australian site. These statements are for a USA audience not an Australian one.

      Basically – if you are going to 3D Print or manufacture a firearm then know the laws in your country/state.

  3. I find one thing more annoying about the whole Gun Control matter, and that’s the media’s portrayal of the situation.


    Fact is, there are currently cheaper and more primitive ways to produce weapons and copy keys that have been around for decades.

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