Benjamin Paul from Acme contacted me and asked me to put up some info about a recently released photopolymer printer called the Monolith.

At $9950 it is not a cheap option but since Veloso’s printer has all but disappeared off the map perhaps this is a decent alternative?


Build envelope16.88” x 9.5” x 33” (X, Y, Z)429mm x 241mm x 838mm
XY resolution0.0088”0.22352mm
Z resolution.004”0.1016mm
Build speed1.12” per hour (Z height)28.4mm per hour
Resin (build material) price$2.14 per cubic inch ($61.88/lb)$2.14 per 0.016387 litres ~ $130.54 per litre
Introductory price$9,950 USabout the same in AU dollars

Ben writes:

The Monolith was intentionally designed to be free of preparation software. This will allow the end user to choose the software that best fits their needs – from expensive professional solutions, to free open-source options. The choice is theirs.  Simply supply the Monolith with the layer images (jpeg, png, etc.) stored on a USB flash drive, select the project from the onscreen menu, and it will take it from there. No host computer required. We’ve also designed it to be free of proprietary material cartridges, because nobody likes to be locked into expensive “ink” cartridges.

My name is Benjamin Paul, and I am the designer/creator. Our new website is:, and we’ll be adding more photos, info, etc. as soon as we can. To kick-start the release, we’ll be offering a very limited number of units for presale, at $9,950. Free shipping. 1 Gal UV resin included.

The Monolith represents 2 years of hard work, and expensive R&D. I’m hoping it will shake things up in the 3D printing realm, and open new doors of creativity.

You can buy the printer from the Acme Design website.

If any readers get access to one I would love to get some reviews.

Thanks lads and ladies.

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  1. Bob Morrison says:

    I think you will find that the B9 Creator is much closer to DIY and has IMHO a better design than Veloso’s 3D resin printer.

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