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DIY Photopolymer 3D Printer

Sample print from the Veloso 3d Printer

Sample print from the Veloso 3d Printer

Junior Veloso has taken the next stage in the creation of his DIY Photopolymer 3D Printer by registered for funding via the crowd funding website IndieGoGo.

You may remember Junior’s printer from the one or two or three articles I have previous published.

After a 6 month hiatus from his blog, Junior has come back all guns firing. The printer is moving along in development and with the crown funding he is getting much more serious.

So whats the Deal with the Veloso Printer?

Well, here are some specs of the printer:

Our Kit uses a new technology based on liquid polymers and light. Which results in great precision, quality and ability to print complex objects.

The light source is a Projector used at offices, schools and home to project an image on a surface. Yes, look incredible but this is actually the heart of the machine.

The machine is simple with few moving parts, what makes very easy to assemble.

Please find below some details:

  • Building Area: 150X112X200mm XYZ
  • DLP Projector: 1024X768 (Native)
  • Resolution: 15 to 100 Microns Z – 147 microns XY (XY resolution can be improved by reducing the building area – this will be possible in the kit)
  • Weight: under 15 KG for complete kit
  • Size: Desktop printer size
  • Office friendly: low noise (almost nothing)
  • Software included

Resolution difference fom the Veloso website. Top is a print from a readily available printer (probably a RepRap) and below is the Veloso print

The printer will be USD $4000. A few have complained about this, but this is a professional level kit with very high resolution. The feed stock will be USD $150 per kilo.

For folks used to RepRap prices ($500 – $1400) this will seem a bit pricey, but the Veloso is a different form of printing with different resolutions and is essentially different technology. It also is targeting a different market and by luck or choice it is using price as the filter.

Veloso finishes with this call to action:

This Indiegogo campaign is going to give us the boost needed to make this 3D Printer available at affordable price for everyone.

Thinking in the community we put the best price possible for our Kits however to achieve this price we need high volume and that’s why our goal is high. Additionally we need to buy some machines to produce plastic molds.

The price is bit higher than existing kits in the market because our machine requires precise components, which are not cheap.

We are proud to say that we are in very advanced stage of the project and we will be able to deliver 3 months after the end of this campaign.

For some items we will deliver earlier.

For more details please access our FAQ:


Will he get the funding?

I reckon he will. There is no doubt that the photos of the printed items show an excellent resolution. The cost could be an issue but judging by the large number of backers already this printer is appealing to a different demographic than the current 3D Printer market.

Will it replace the RepRap?

No, I don’t think so. It is like comparing the production for a new sort of Ferrari replacing the production of the newest Audi. Both have their place in the market and they are essentially competing for different demographics.

Who will this printer affect?

Well, I think this printer with its very high resolution will cut into the market share of some of the companies that produce commercial level printers (cheapest one being $30k). $4k is not much to pay for an Architecture or an Engineering firm.

Will 3DFuture buy one?

Probably not, but that is because I am more in the RepRap demographic as opposed to the Veloso demographic. But having said that, I don’t have a Ferrari or an Audi (and certainly not on a Friday!)



Indiegogo Crowd Funding

Junior’s Blog


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2 Responses to Veloso Releases his 3D Printer for Crowd Sourced Funding

  1. Joe Larson says:

    Crowd funding appears to have hit it’s stride. I expect over saturation in a few months, but right now is the time for it. I fully expect him to reach his goal.

    However, I’m a little shocked by the price. For something so simple, the thing only has 1 moving part and a projector. I thought the biggest expense of these things was the material cost. I expected to see an $800 version of these sooner or later, not $4000. Seems a bit of a rip-off.

    • Andy says:

      Yes, the price is a touch high for me. But there seems to be heaps of enthusiasm.

      For me I’m still waiting a $500 fully built RepRap.

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