Glamour Shot of the 3D Printing iPhone Macro Lens

Lens42 has designed a 3D Printing iPhone slide on Macro lens.

This is a bloody great use of 3D printing to enhance your products.

Simple to put together - you just need a touch of superglue.

Step 1: Print the Model via Shapeways for $11.

Just click the Add to Cart button on the Shapeways product page.


Step 2: Buy the glass lense for less than $4

Go to the Surplus shed and then buy the glass lens for $4. The Surplus Shed part number is L4471.

I found the normal search didnt work – so I had to use the item search. The site doesnt give me a good url for the search so I’m not able to link it here.


Step 3: Wait by the Mailbox for your loot.


Step 4: Assemble!

The lens fits in a recess in the model and is held in place with a few tiny drops of Superglue.

If you get any glue on the lens it can cleaned off with nail polish remover or acetone.

Note from Andy – Acetone can be nasty stuff, use it in a well ventilated room and don’t try to burn it.

The lens is plano-convex (one side is flat). When inserted in the holder, the flat side of the lens faces the phone.

The object pictures in the photo gallery (ruler and watch) are unedited and uncropped shots directly from a iPhone4.

This model will not slide over iPhone cases.


It fits onto your iPhone

Step 5: Profit!


There you have it – 3D Printing used to Augment products. Now if you bought a Macro Lens from the apple shop how many hundreds of dollars would you pay for it?

Great Job!


And here be a gallery:


Click here to link to the iPhone slide on Macro lens

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5 Responses to 3D Printed iPhone slide on Macro Lens

  1. Nathan B says:

    Awesome idea! Is the 3D model open source?

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  3. Polly says:

    Of course Shapeways wants $19.99 shipping that $11 item to AU.

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